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6th Grade Grid with Active Links

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  • Goals and Action Plan
  • Generic Novel Projects
  • Journal Prompts
  • Journal Prompts by the Month
  • Khan Academy is a free online math resource that has an extensive video library. Khan Academy works with any math curriculum. Just sign in using your Google account and search for the current math topic your student is studying. Sixth-grade math will be listed under Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra sections. Visit the About web page to get full value out of this online program.
  • Discovery Education , also known as United Streaming is a website with over 50,000 video clips. You will need to log into Discovery Education before clicking on the recommended video links below. This is a subscription that Valley Oaks supports at no cost to you. To get started just go to the website, enter the school passcode 99A9-3DE1, then enter the required fields. Curriculum Packets

Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations Textbook Resources

Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome
Overview: Set in ancient time, this year explores the central theme of what it takes to triumph over personal obstacles. Some of the challenges are unique to ancient times, but the characteristics demanded of the individuals are timeless. The characters make tough choices and use their judgment and resourcefulness to overcome hurdles and reach solutions. They must choose honesty, loyalty, and sacrifice their own gain.

To triumph over personal obstacles, the generalizations students will draw from the readings are:

  • Have a strong belief or conviction to do the right thing regardless of other’s opinions.
  • Take courage from supporting adults or good friends who offer good advice and encouragement.
  • Keep focused on the goal or solution to stay on track and persevere.

Year Long Ancient Civilization Packets:


Earth Science Textbook Resources


Course 1 Math

Language Arts


Grade Level Project

Ancient Civilization History Report or Country Report – include pictures and drawings. (three to five pages)

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