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High School Attendance Calendar

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Spring 2018 Class Schedule

Inclement Weather- If snow and/or ice makes travel to school unsafe, we will delay or cancel classes. We will follow the delay/cancellation decisions of TUSD. Delays or cancellations will be posted on the NewsFlash, or you can watch Alert Line yourself and follow only TUSD decisions (not any other district). There may be days where delays will be posted first and then a cancellation decision is made an hour or so later, so check the NewsFlash or ALert Line before you drive to school. If classes are delayed, we will follow the delay schedule below. If classes are cancelled, students should check the website for assignments. Since we are considered an independent study school, when classes are cancelled, it is still a school day. We do not have snow days built in to our calendar nor will we make up days at the end of the year. If inclement weather comes in while we are already in classes, students will call parents if classes are cancelled. However, if road conditions at your house are different than road conditions at school, then feel free to pick up your student even if we are not canceling classes. Safety is the priority.

Delay School Day Schedule:

Period 1   9:30-10:30
Period 2   10:35-11:35
Period 3   11:40-12:40
Lunch       12:40-1:00
Period 4   1:00-2:00
Period 5   2:05-3:00