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Margo Hayes

Constitution Syllabus

Week 1:  Friday Sept. 9

Homework due on  Wednesday, Sept. 14th: Organize binder (see instructions)

Memorize Preamble: due October 5th

Fill in Timeline of Events (use history book or internet)

Study Vocabulary Words #1-15; make Vocabulary flashcards (words on front; definitions on back).

Wednesday, Sept. 14

Make Flashcards from Vocabulary Words #16-52.

Study all Vocabulary Words #1-52 for Vocab. Game on Friday, 9/16

Continue memorizing Preamble (see link above if needed).

Friday, September 16

Homework for Wednesday, 9/21:

Study Questions #1-30 for Team Game

Read and complete questions for Articles of Confederation handout

Read and complete questions for Separation of Powers handout

Continue studying Vocabulary Words #1-52 + Preamble (due Oct. 5)

Wednesday, September 21

Homework for Friday, 9/23

Study Questions #1-30 for Quiz 1 on Friday

Read and complete The Legislative Branch handout

Continue studying Vocab. flashcards + Preamble.

Friday, September 23

Homework for Wednesday, September 28

Study Questions #31-60 for Game on Wednesday

Read and complete The Senate handout.

Continue reviewing Questions 1-30, Vocabulary, Preamble.

Wednesday, September 28

Homework for Friday, September 30

Study Questions 31-60 for Quiz 2 on Friday

Read and complete “The Legislative Branch of the U.S. Government” handout

Review all previous vocabulary, questions, Preamble (due Oct. 5)

Friday, Sept. 30

Homework for Wednesday, October 5

Study Questions 61-90 for game on Wednesday

Complete handouts, “Intro to Executive Branch” and “Powers & Duties of the President”

Continue reviewing Questions 1-60 + all Vocabulary

Preamble is due on Wednesday, October 5th!

Wednesday, October 5

Homework for Friday, October 7th

Continue studying Questions 61-90 for Quiz 3 on Friday

Complete homework handout, “Organization of the Judicial Branch”.

Continue reviewing all Questions and Vocabulary

Friday, October 7

*Updated Homework for Wednesday, October 12

I want to let you know that I’m changing the assignment for this Wednesday, due to 2 facts: 1.) I did not post the complete set of notes for Questions 91-120 on Friday because I was out of town and 2.) Mrs. Downs (substitute) had too much fun with the students:) and didn’t make it all the way through the questions.
Soooo…. we will continue going over the questions tomorrow during Wednesday Constitution and postpone the Quiz until the following Wednesday. It will change the schedule of Constitution class a bit, but I think we can deal with the changes.

Complete homework handout, “Judicial Review & Treason”.

Continue reviewing Questions 1-90 + Vocabulary

Wednesday, October 12th

Homework for Friday, October 14th

Study Questions 91-120 for Game on Friday

Complete Constitution Challenge assignment

Continue reviewing Questions 1-90 + Vocabulary

Friday, October 14th

Homework Handout, “The Amendments”

Study for Quiz 4 on Questions 91-120.

Wednesday, October 19th

Fill in your Study Guide on The Amendments

Study your Extra Facts study guide + the Amendments for Game on Friday the 21st.

Complete Homework handout, “Amendments Memory Sheet”

Friday, October 21st

Homework for Wednesday, October 26th

Study Amendments and Extra Facts for Quiz 5 on Wednesday

Review Questions 1-120 +Vocabulary +Extra Facts/Amendments for Review Game on Friday October 28.  Testing begins Wednesday, November 2nd!


*Constitution Research Paper and Oral Presentation*

Christy Rosander
Research Paper Syllabus 2016
Research Paper Rubric 2016


Homework, Links, and Tips:

Homework for each day of class: parent initials in student planner

Click HERE to access Weeks 1-3 Constitution Research Paper Assignments and Links


Class 6 Homework: Due Friday, September 30, 2016

Handouts: Class 6 in-class slideshow
MLA/EasyBib/Research Tool in Google Drive

  1. Type your 1st paragraph with in-text citations in your student Google Drive account in MLA format.
    *In-text citation instructions – LITERATURE textbook page 1027 under “Credit your sources.”*

    MLA Format Template
  2. Share your document with Mrs. Rosander as “Can comment”.
  3. Print and bring to class. We will be trading papers in class and peer editing.

Tips: The following are some ideas for 1st paragraph openers:
-direct quote from a famous person on the topic of your paper
-share some interesting or important details
-begin with an informative quotation
-start with some thoughtful dialogue
-start with a thought provoking question


Class 7 Homework: Due Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Handouts: Class 7 in-class slideshow
1st Paragraph Peer Revision Checklist
Signal phrases
Video: Signal Phrases
Google Drive: Research Tool and Easy Bib Add-on

1.Revise your 1st paragraph. Use the comments your peer editors wrote on the Revision Checklist to add and revise your first paragraph.
2. Complete rough draft of 2nd and 3rd paragraphs with in-text citations. Have your parent read your first 3 paragraphs referring to your outline for organization. Print and bring to class.
3. Do additional research, notecards, and add to your outline as needed.
4. Start your Works Cited page using Easy Bib Add-on

Class 8 Homework: Due Friday, October 7, 2016

Handouts: Class 8 in-class slideshow
Peer Revision Checklist Paragraphs 1-3
Research Paper Rubric 2016

  1. Revise your 1st – 3rd paragraphs using the comments your peer editors wrote on the Revision Checklist.
  2. Complete rough draft of paragraph 4  with in-text citations, signal-phrases, and transitions. Use Easy Bib add-on to add to your Works Cited page. Print both your essay and Works Cited and bring to class.
  3. Do additional research, note card, & outline as needed


Class 9 Homework: Due Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Handouts: Class 9 in-class slideshow
Peer Revision Checklist Paragraphs 1-4 and Works Cited Page
Video: Google Drive: Research Tool and Easy Bib Add-on

  1. Revise your 1st – 4th paragraphs
  2. Complete entire rough draft of paragraphs 1 – 6 with in-text citations, signal-phrases, and transitions. Use Easy Bib add-on to create your Works Cited page. Print before class both your rough draft and Works Cited page and bring to class.
  3. Do additional research and note taking as needed.

Organization of Constitution Research Paper:
1st  Paragraph – Introduction
2nd Paragraph – Topic facts
3rd Paragraph – Summary of your chosen newspaper article
4th  Paragraph – Present one side of the topic presented in your newspaper article
5th Paragraph – Present the other side of the topic presented in your newspaper article
6th Paragraph – Conclusion


Class 10 Homework: Due Friday, October 14, 2016
Class 10 in-class slideshow
Citing Images from Google Image search in Easybib
Citing Flickr Images

  1. Make needed revisions and additions to your paper. Print your revised rough draft and Works Cited page, bring to class.
  2. Add at least one graphic to your paper and cite it using
  3. In the Tools menu, check your word count. The paper without the Works Cited page and heading. The requirements for the paper are 800-1200 words.

Due Wednesday, October 26: Final Draft of Paper with newspaper article, outline and note cards attached

How to Add and Cite an Image
Find and Add Image:
– go to google images:
-enter the type of image you are looking for, example: flag
-click search tools
-under usage rights, select Labeled for noncommercial usage with modification
-click the photo you would like to use
-right click photo, control C, go to your paper, control V or just drag the photo into your Google Doc
-resize, select wrap text, and place your image

Cite your Image:
-Go back to your photo, click Visit Page, copy the website address
-go to
-select Digital Image from the All 59 Options
-fill out all the fields that you can, paste the website address of the image in the URL
-click Create Citation-copy and paste the citation into your Bibliography in the proper alphabetical order

Class 11 Homework: Due Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Handouts: Class 11 in-class slideshow
Make Your Paper Shine
Adding Text Boxes and Images to a Google Document – Video
The Power of Words

  1. Use Make Your Paper Shine handout to make needed revisions and additions to your paper including an interesting title. Print your paper and bring to class. Refer to the grading rubric for all revisions


Class 12 Homework: Due Friday, October 21, 2016

Handouts: Class 12 in-class slideshow
Peer Revision Rough Draft Checklist
Student Share List
Video: Goal Setting – Will…

  1.  Share your paper with your assigned partner. Make comments on their paper in Google Drive using the Peer Revision Rough Draft Checklist. Read and make comments by 3:00 pm tomorrow, October 20th. This is so that your partner will have time to revise.
  1. Revise your paper using online Comments from your assigned share partner. Continue needed research, Works Cited, in-text citations, and using the tips in Making Your Paper Shine. Print your paper for Friday’s class. 

Final Research paper is due next Wednesday, October 26th along with your outline, note cards, and a copy of your article. 

Class 13 Homework: Due Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Handouts: Class 13 in-class slideshow
Presentation Rubric
Student Presentation Sign-up List
Adding Text Boxes and Images to a Google Document – Video

  1. The final draft of the Constitution Research paper is due. Print paper with Works Cited and staple a copy of your main article to the back of your paper, with notecards clipped together with a paper clip or rubber band, and your outline. Be sure your name is on everything.

-check your word count without heading and Works Cited
-double check one of your sources is a primary source
Primary vs. Secondary Sources
-Double check your in-text citations match your Works Cited page
In-text Citations video
-Add image and cite the image in your Works Cited page
Citing Images from Google Image search in Easybib

-refer to the grading rubric for all revisions


Class 14 Homework: Due Friday, October 28, 2016

  1. Start planning your presentation using folded sheet started in class.


Class 15, 16, 17, 18 

1. The homework for the next 2 weeks is to complete your oral presentation and present on the date you signed up. The list of dates and times with student names are below. Parents are welcome to attend presentations.



  1. Go to:
  2. Click Research in the top menu
  3. Select the Database you are interested in. Try Newspapers for editions of the Bakersfield Californian. If you already have selected your article, click on Students > Points of View Reference for do further research on your topic.
  4. Enter your library card number


Credible Websites
Primary vs. Secondary Sources
How to Write a Note Card for a Research Paper
Google Drive: Research Tool and Easy Bib Add-on
In-text Citations
Signal Phrases
Using Paraphrases
Using Quotations
Citing Google Images – Video
Adding Text Boxes and Images to a Google Document – Video


Log in Instructions:

VOCS Student Google Account
– Go to
– Click blue Sign In in upper right hand corner
– Enter your email address in the first box:
– Enter your password in the second box:
First letter of student’s first and last name followed by student ID number


Keyboarding Online Instruction and Practice
Log in to and use the program at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes for the next 10 weeks.
– Go to
– Click “Student Login” in the upper right hand corner
-Under “Already have an account” enter student username and password.
All lowercase:
Username: first letter of the first name, last name, vocs
Password: first letter of the first name, first letter of the last name, student number
-After logging in, get started by clicking on the first lesson or your current level. The website will keep track of your progress.
-8th Grade Keyboarding Goal is 35 words per minute with 95% accuracy. Once you have passed your goal you are excused from typing practice.