As students are educated in the home, Valley Oaks Charter School (VOCS) offers a plethora of programs to assist parents/families who have opted to homeschool. Each family is assigned to a resource teacher/advisor who consults with parents about their child’s education discussing lesson plans, teaching strategies, curriculum selection, and assessment. VOCS resource teachers also teach enrichment/core classes, which allow students to work cooperatively with their peers in a classroom setting.

Additionally, our high school students have an opportunity to attend high school classes on site, while using our homeschool hybrid model.  Furthermore, workshops for students desiring assistance with county competitions such as Oral Language, Math Field Day, and Science Fair are also available throughout the year.

Finally, Kick-off Kamps and parent workshops are provided to compliment the instruction given by parents in the home, and additional “Extras” include: History Camp, Camp Keep, Field Trips, Elegant Evening, Jr. ASB, H.S. ASB, Piano, Guitar, Interact Club, Open Mic Night, Prom, and Graduation Ceremonies.