Each week I will add resources for you to use at home. Some will go along with the lesson, others will just be useful for you when your child is accessing the internet at home. 


**Feel free to access the Google classroom we are using from the enrichment page. I have a couple of assignments on there you can use at home, and will add a few more before the class ends. They are meant for students to practice using the technology tool while completing something fairly simple. My goal is to have them begin using the tools in place of traditional pencil and paper. Integrating technology is all about using the computer apps and software as tools in place of others. Once students understand the tools, they can begin to create and learn beyond their current stage. Sometimes using a tech tool is not the best way, and that is part of learning for them too.


Using Google Drive at Home: 6 reasons Google Drive is an awesome tool for homeschoolers

Internet Safety Links: Cyber Safety Handout

Making Google search safe for your children: research-made-easier-for-kids-printable-infographic

Learning how to Search Effectively: http://www.agoogleaday.com/