History Day for Grades 4 and 5: Explorers!

  1. Explorers Scavenger Hunt Directions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18uE2cEHzp2TpEBuKDWNdZRBksLmdFal5dHusqcBY7nk/edit
  2. Other Stations:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/15ZSucPLpC1Q6HxBX0dJtLZd9YXTpmMU9p33rl6bdHjE/edit

Here you will find information about the classes that I am teaching on Fridays this Winter:

 Escape Room

  1. Intro to Forces
  2. Use what we learned in an Escape Challenge
  3. Intro to Area and perimeter
  4. Use what we learned in an Escape Challenge : Bring a calculator or a Multiplication Chart


Tehachapi Rocks

1  Begin reading  The Spirit of Tehachapi, by Pat Gracey. Pages 1-2 Project: Silhouette of Black Mountain

2.  Are We There Yet ?  and Down Town! pages 3 and 4. Project: Yellow Rose of Texas/ Tehachap

3.  Hear that Whistle Blow pages 5 and 6. Project: Mod Podge Train Image

4. The Stories behind the Mural of Tehachapi.  Pages 8, 17, and 18 Project: Quiet free painting while teacher reads aloud..

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact me here: