By graduation, Valley Oaks Charter School students will be:

Academic Achievers who…

  • Strive to meet or exceed California State Standards.
  • Demonstrate academic growth toward standards
  • Will be exposed to state standards through a variety of experiences.

Communicators who…

  • Use multiple modalities to demonstrate competence as active listeners, speakers, readers, and writers.

Critical Thinkers who…

  • Identify and assess problems and find solutions using complex reasoning processes such as comparison, classification, induction, deduction, analysis,  synthesis, investigation, inquiry, and invention.
  • Collect, evaluate and use information from varied sources.
  • Know how to test hypotheses, solve problems, and form conclusions based on relevant, reliable data and information.
  • Demonstrate a capacity to apply acquired knowledge to changing conditions.

Technologically literate students who…

  • Know VOCS internet policies and procedures.
  • Use technology and telecommunications in a way that demonstrates an understanding of legal and ethical implications and expectations.
  • Are fluent consumers of technology and apply their knowledge in society.
  • Critically evaluate the context, subject matter, and validity of internet resources.

Culturally aware and productive citizens who…

  • Contribute time, energy, and talents to improve their school, community and the world.
  • Have a general understanding and appreciating for our diverse society.
  • Demonstrate individual responsibility, personal integrity, and perseverance.
  • Understand the principles required to be productive citizens in a democratic society.

Motivated, Self-Directed students who…

  • Strive to learn and apply goal setting techniques, organize and manage time efficiently, and assume responsibility for their personal life-long learning.