Camp KEEP stands for Kern Environmental Education Program. This five-day field trip is open to 6th grade students.

The curriculum for this trip directly correlates with the California State Science Content Standards. A professionally trained staff of naturalists, food service workers, and maintenance personnel manage the day-to-day operations. Campers will enjoy daily hikes, adventures, and campfire programs. This is a well attended, memorable field trip!

This year Camp KEEP is the week of October 5-9, 2015. Camp KEEP is a 5 day environmental sleep-away camp in Montana De Oro State Park. Camp KEEP is an environmental program that helps children understand the  natural world. Students learn first hand about many unique ecosystems, and return with an increased awareness of their environment and their responsibility to manage it wisely. The ocean, tide pools, and dunes will serve as a laboratory where students will be involved in nature study, recording and analyzing data and sharing newfound information which will help them understand and appreciate themselves more fully.

Questions? contact Christy Rosander at , 661-340-1071 or visit the Camp KEEP website .