Ghandi stated “There is more is to life than increasing it’s speed”.

Once upon a time, at nights during a full moon, I would go mountain bike riding with friends in the foothills east of McFarland.  It was exhilarating, but occasionally I would run into a shepherd’s electric fence and get a good shock (we just used the moonlight to navigate).   I was reminded of this today during my lunch time walk by Valley Oaks and was right next to one of those same fences.  Sometimes, as teachers (we consider our Valley Oaks parents our teacher colleagues) we hit a road block and get quite a “shock”.  This can be realizing we hadn’t met some of the goals we had for our children, changes in family dynamics, or find that our child doesn’t learn the same way as others.  As Ghandi, inferred, taking time to slow down is important in life. As the school year is coming to a close, take time to slow down, reflect, and regroup.  I don’t recommend full moon bike riding, but find that quiet moment that allows for creativity and problem solving.  Research shows that our most creative moments and problem solving success comes from time in the three B’s (bed, bath, bus) when we have a moment to slow down and give our minds a chance to think.

PS:  Yes, I was tempted to touch the fence today!