Check out a few fun and creative K-12 curriculum ideas:

  • Mrs. Downs recommended:
    Fun way to assess your student after you have taught a lesson:  The Stoplight Method
  • Parent Opportunity:
    Online Multiplication Course
    An open online course called WOW! Multiplication is currently looking for participants. This is a two week course that starts Sept 9 – sign up by Sept 8. In the first week of the course, you will discuss researcher-developed, parent-tested activities where multiplication is meaningful, beautiful and fun. In the second week, you will gather your kids and their friends in a casual Math Circle, and then answer a few questions about the experience.  WOW! Multiplication is a pilot study for a citizen science project for mathematics education. By actively participating in the course, you help them learn what support parents and teachers need to start informal Math Circles, and how to adapt materials for each learner’s unique needs. For more info and to register, please click here
    Cost: Optional. You pay what you want to pay, from zero to infinity dollars.
  • Parent recommended: iPad Apps
    This is a super helpful and user friendly iPad recommended app spreadsheet. Even has suggestions for high school, productivity, and teachers:
    TCEA iPad Apps
  • Parent recommended: This is a cool site that generates math worksheets galore. It even creates new problems each time you start a new worksheet. Easy to use.
    The Math Worksheet
  • Parent Recommended: A great website that offers homeschool planners, household planners, calendars, handwriting lessons, printable worksheets or papers for several subjects.