Geology Rocks! (5th – 7th)

ge-ol-o-gy (noun) – the study of the history and structure of the earth.

During part 2, we will continue our focus on the earth and its structure, but also look at the earth’s resources and how that applies to our everyday life. Students will focus on careers with ties to geology such as petroleum, mining, safety, engineering and more!

I will be posting links below that correspond with each week if you would like to continue learning about these concepts at home.

Geology Rocks Links to Resources

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trip – Dig In To Mining!

If you missed the virtual field trip, you can view it here –

Here is a great website that explores the geology of the San Juaquin Valley, and the history of its oil industry.

National Park Resources for geology study:

Rocks and Minerals information from National Park Service: 

Webquest for students to complete on Rocks and Minerals:

Fun Earth Science Activities to try:

Online Games and Activities: