Welcome back to school. Here are a few parent recommended Internet sites and apps to spice up your lesson plans:

  • All ages need a good home adventure. Check out this very creative site for all ages to get adventure back into your home.
  • Daily Learning Notebook for lower elementary, very creative and it is free!
  • Picaria
    Math Game from Around the World to build thinking ahead and awareness.
    Note from Joanne Woolf:
    We made this by folding the paper and then going over the lines with pencil. We used dollar store colored stones/glass as markers. I’m going to use this as an activity for a kids’s camp this summer, but it could be used in a Native American unit or something to make while camping (you could have fun finding 6 markers for each player). It is tic-tac-toe with a bit of a twist. My 4-year old had fun making up all kinds of games with the extra glass stones. The kids love playing with those things for some reason. Usually, they become magical water stones.
  • Abcya.com
    Grades K-5, using math and language arts skills to introduce computer skills
  • iPhone and iPad Apps
    TeachMe Series – There is an app fro Pre-school – 4th grade focusing on all subjects
    Dragon Box – Algebra skills for grade K-12 – $5.99 (highly recommended)

These sites will be added to the Internet Resources web page on our website.

Have a great first day!