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History Essay Grading Rubric

Questions? For World History, US History, Government, and Economics: call Francisco Crisantos at 805-260-8388 or write: He is on campus Tuesday through Thursday and is always available during the Wednesday Support sessions from 12.00PM to 3:00PM. He will still be available on Monday and Friday via phone or email. Should you need to meet with him personally outside of the tutoring periods, please call to set up an appointment.

If you are absent from class, contact the instructor. Some of the class handouts might not be available on this page. Some papers are copyright protected and posting them here would be a violation of federal copyright law.



Directions for printing off the VOCS website for history:

1.  Click on the link for your class and either “College Prep” or “General” depending on which class the student is in.

2.  Click on the link for the document you are trying to print.

3.  Since the document will have most likely been created using one of the Microsoft Office programs and then uploaded to my Google Drive account, the format of the document may be a little off.   Download the document and be sure to open it using the appropriate Microsoft Office program so the format is correct.

4.  Once it has been downloaded and opened up in the appropriate Microsoft Office program you may print the document/resource.