Sheppard Software Chemistry Games
8th graders, this is a teacher recommended site to learn all about the periodic table and all things chemistry. The site features tutorials and fun games.

Science News for Kids

Science Made Simple: Fall Leaves

This site answers everything kids want to know about autumn leaves that include scientific information, quick-and-easy science experiments, and a fun word-scramble puzzle.
This site features some terrific information on snowflakes and activities.

Pumpkin Science
At this site, you will find a free set of questions that lead to science investigations that you can easily do with pumpkins at home.

Science For Kids
Your kids will enjoy the free science activities, lessons, videos, projects, experiments, cool facts, quizzes, and games available at this terrific website! technology, dinosaurs, robots and more! Get a wide range of teaching resources and ideas on over 30 science topics.

Discovery Kids

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Animal Teeth
Teeth are some of the first things that others notice about you, and they can make your smile either one of your best or one of your worst features.  These essential parts of a healthy mouth make it possible for us to break down food, form certain letters when we speak, and do much more.  In fact, teeth are commonly found in all vertebrate animals. And while there are significant differences between the teeth and mouths of various creatures, what we have in common with other animals in terms of oral anatomy is also quite striking.

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