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The Math Page contents:
1. Info about the 6th-8th math classes (including the syllabus)
2. A LINK to the 6th-8th Math Class page (Assignments, Work, Notes, Tests, & Calendars)
3. A LINK to the Math Activities page (Math video games, math videos)


ABOUT the math classes…

Join us and have some fun learning math!!  It is super easy to join the class!
Just review the CLASS SYLLABUS and return the parent survey portion to Mrs. Uhtof when you show up for math!



Contact Info:
Mrs.Uhtof (and Dragon Joey)
Phone:  (714) 614-3351               
Email:    mrs.uhtof@hotmail.com 


Valley Oaks Charter School offers a YEAR LONG math program for your 6th-8th graders!  We meet every Wednesday and Friday in Room F!  It includes direct instruction by Mrs. Uhtof, guided practice, and independent practice at home.  Students will be given a weekly assignment sheet that follows the Big Ideas textbook.  Parents need to check that homework is completed daily, grade the homework, and initial their math calendar.

8th Grade  9:00-10:00
7th Grade 10:00-11:00
6th Grade 11:00-12:00

ONE MONTH!  Please give me at least 1 month to convince your child that math is not impossible!  I will help them enjoy math by teaching in a caring and safe environment, where all students can improve!