Math Activities 

 *Updated 10/15/17!



Watch this video to learn how to multiply by 7…Sergeant Seven

Play Escapa and try to get a high score
(Text/email Uhtof a picture of your high score)


Ben S. 21.729 !!



Play against Mrs. Uhtof, family/friends, or alone!

1.  Click game link below
2.  Click Play
3.  Type your FIRST NAME into the name box, and push continue.
4.  Click PRIVATE tab, then click “Mrs. Uhtof”
5.  Password is “math”
6.  If you don’t see my name there it is because I am currently playing the game.  My name should reappear every 2 minutes to start again!
7.  Good luck!!  🙂
*You do not need to sign up or acquire a log in/password if you play the games on your computer.
*Playing on other devices will not work because we do not have an account.


Game Schedule

Play with your classmates!!  Below are some times you can plan on playing with your friends!  Whoever gets there first…Create a private game with our password!  To find each other…make sure you include VOC with your name!  ie. UhtofVOC


Uhtof will pop in randomly during the following games!  (But she can’t stay for the whole time due to lots of work) 🙂 

Monday, Oct. 16
10:00 Ducky Race (-)
11:00 Tractor Tug (x)
12:00 Penguin Jump (x)
1:00 Integer /warp (x integers)
2:00 Tractor Tug (x)

Tuesday, Oct.17
10:00 Ducky Race (-)
11:00 Exponent Otter Race
12:00 Tractor Tug (x)





One Player or Multi-Player Games…


One Player Games…



Donald Duck in MathMagic Land!  (Donald Duck discovers that Math is everywhere!)

Schoolhouse Rock:  3 is the Magic Number (Multiply of 3)

Farmer Sings Threes by (Multiply by 3) 

Jump Rope Chant by (Multiply by 6)  

Sergeant Sevens by (Multiply by 7)

Flocabulary Hip Hop (Multiply by 8)

Flocabulary Hip Hop (Add/Subtract to 10)

Multiply 8 Pattern

Multiply 12 Pattern

Finger Trick to Multiply 6-10

HOW TO…Memorize Multiplication Table

HOW TO…Multiply using the Chinese Multiplication Method

HOW TO…Multiply 11 by two digit numbers in your head!

HOW TO…Find the LCM and GCF using the ladder (upside-down cake) method!  

The PEMDAS Shuffle!  (Order of Operations) 

What is the true meaning of Pythagorean Theorem?

Laws of Exponents (add/subtract, multiply, divide, power rule)

Flocabulary Hip Hop (Divide fractions) 

How to Make a Tessellation (Slide/Translation Method)  

Learn about Tessellations (Different methods, history, examples…) 

Multiply ANY number by 11!!


How can the Pythagorean Theorem cost you thousands of dollars?? 

Did you know that 13 x 7 = 28?  Watch this Abbott and Costello video that will prove it!  (with lots of errors!)

Did you know that 25 divided by 5 = 14!!  Watch this Ma and Pa Kettle video!

Math can be frustrating to teach!!  Watch this Math Class video inspired by children.

Watch this video on math mistakes in movies and tv.


Exploring the Laws of Exponents (Interactive Object)

Scientific Notation and Dinosaurs! (Video)

Scientific Notation (Compare, Order, Evaluate) (Interactive Object)

Exploring Square Roots (Square Roots and area) (Interactive Object)

Skate Parks Use the Pythagorean Theorem! (Video)

Pythagorean Theorem and the surrounding square areas (Interactive Object)

Patterning the Powers of 10 (Interactive Object)

Mean, Median, and Mode (Funny Creatures)  (Video and Interactive Object)  



Recently I attended a Math Technology Resources workshop taught by our very own Tom Karnes!  He gave an amazing PowerPoint presentation with several helpful math resources!  Check out his PowerPoint here! (games) (games) (interactive games)  


K-12 Math Standards (What each grade level is supposed to learn)



Ready to teach fractions? 🙂  Here is my advice on teaching fractions…

  1. Read the “What is my child supposed to know at each grade level” and “Misconceptions” first so you understand the big picture.
  2. Start with Unit 1 so your child has a deeper understanding of fractions before they learn how to use them.
  3. Watch the video that accompanies each unit before you begin the activities.


What is my child supposed to know at each grade level?

Misconceptions about Fractions


I attended a 3 Day Math Institute about teaching fractions in a more conceptual way.  I am thankful to Leah Shields, Merci Del Rosario, and Kandi Anderseon for sharing these wonderful lessons from various sources.


Unit 1: Watch This Short Video on “The Meaning of Fractions” 

Unit 2: Watch This Short Video on “Equivalent Fractions” 

Unit 3: Watch This Short Video on “Comparing Fractions”

Unit 4: Watch This Short Video on “Addition of Fractions”

Unit 5: Watch This Short Video on “Multiplication of Fractions”

Unit 6: Watch This Short Video on “Dividing Fractions”