Each year our staff at VOCS Tehachapi offers Kick-Off Kamp in August and Winter Kamp in January. This is a special time for parents and students to recharge, learn, share, and meet new friends. This page features snippets from our Kamps to help you motivate and educate your children.

What Parents are saying about our Kamps!

  • The thing I appreciate the most about these Kamps is that the staff is very open and flexible in answering questions from parents.
  • I continue to enjoy the classes offered, all of the ones I attended were informational and I enjoyed the class sizes more this time around, it was much more fluid. These workshops re-inspire me to continue being an educator for my children and I benefit greatly from all of the idea sharing and knowledge of VOCS staff. Most beneficial I think is probably all around just having the workshops, to be with like-minded parents and having the opportunity to learn myself.
  • New information and more ways to better my children’s educational experience
  • It’s always nice to hear what other parents are doing and get a more professional outlook from the staff. I think that any advice and ideas for how to make school more engaging and fun are the best, and most of the classes delivered that on some level.   
  • I enjoyed the entire day. I personally gleaned a lot from the recharging, classical education, and journaling classes. They all met me right where I am and gave me a vision for the rest of the year.
  • What I found to be most beneficial was the variety of grade level choices for classes. I have 4 grade levels and was able to see items that a particular child needed more of.
  • I felt there was a great selection of classes and the staff is so ready and willing to share wisdom. I am so thankful for these Kamps!

Highlights from Kick Off Kamp 2016

Keynote Speakers – Dr. Doug and Susie Cowan


Math Workshop – Jamie Uhtof, Resource Teacher

Mrs. Utoff – Math Kick Off Camp from VOCS Tehachapi on Vimeo.