“How do I plan for a unit study?” That is a question that comes up often when I meet with new families. While many families enjoy an eclectic approach to planning their units, others might prefer having a guide to get them started, especially those who are new to homeschooling. Here are some great tips to consider as you begin planning a unit of study:  

Consider your children(s) grade levels, content standards and topics they find interesting. Units typically focus on a Science or Social Studies topic such as Oceans, The Solar System, Ancient Egypt, Colonial Times etc.

Literature, curriculum and ideas can get you headed in the right direction – think Magic School Bus, Story of the World, Winter Olympics or novels. Using online resources such as blogs and Pinterest can be very plentiful but be careful not to get sucked into the black hole otherwise known as the Internet!

Tap into resources at Valley Oaks! Talk with your Resource Teacher and other veteran parents who have used unit studies for helpful tips and resources. Visit our library and the grade level pages on our website. As the saying goes, “why reinvent the wheel” when you can use what is already out there and tweak it to meet your family’s needs.

Here is a helpful word document you can use for planning your unit that is laid out in an easy to follow format, and covers nearly everything you can think of for a unit of study!

Planning a unit of study can seem like a daunting task, but hopefully these tips and resources will help you organize and prepare. Please feel free to share other resources you have found helpful in the comments below!

Post by Resource Teacher: Sam Bryant