Keyboarding –

All students grades 3rd-8th have Valley Oaks Tehachapi accounts.

1.Get started by first clicking here:
2. Click “Student Login” in the upper right-hand corner
3. Under “Already have an account” enter student username and password.

All lowercase:
Username: first letter of the first name, last name, vocs
Password: first letter of the first name, first letter of the last name, student number


4. If you do not have your student’s school ID number, please ask your resource teacher.

5. After logging in, get started by clicking on the first lesson. The website will keep track of your student’s progress.

Keyboarding Goals by Grade Level:
3rd Grade – 15 words per minute with 95% accuracy
4th Grade – 20 words per minute with 95% accuracy
5th Grade – 25 words per minute with 95% accuracy
6th Grade – 30 words per minute with 95% accuracy
7th Grade – 30 words per minute with 95% accuracy
8th Grade – 35 words per minute with 95% accuracy

Google Student Account





Google Apps Log in:
1.Go to
2.Log into Google Drive
3.Email: 4.Password: First letter of student’s first and last name followed by student ID number



Accelerated Reader


Language Arts Coming Soon!



Math Coming Soon!




STAR Renaissance

The STAR Renaissance test is a computer-based assessment for reading and mathematics. Valley Oaks offers this testing to our 2nd-8th-grade students three times during the school year, although parents may opt to use this service more frequently by arrangement with their resource teacher. Each test takes about 25 minutes for the student to complete and gives a personalized diagnostic report with helpful suggestions for “next steps” to improve the student’s mastery of concepts. It also gives an approximate grade equivalent and scaled score, which is useful to both the parent-educator and resource teacher as they plan for the student’s growth in the mathematics or reading areas.


Discovery Education –Video Subscription

Enhance your lessons with over 50,000 video clips. Enter the school passcode 99A9-3DE1, then enter the required fields.

  • Discovery Education is a digital video-based learning resource from Discovery Education. With Discovery Education educators gain on-demand access to 50,000 content-specific segments from 5,000 full-length educational videos.Your Discovery Education subscription provide:
  • The largest and most current K-12 digital video/video segment library available today.
  • The only standards-based video-on-demand application shown to increase student achievement.
  • Practical and easy-to-use learning resources for students and educators.
  • Access to the highest quality producers–including Discovery School, United Learning, Scholastic, Standards Deviants, and Weston Woods.
  • State-of-the-Art Professional Development sessions for online and onsite support.