Chemistry Internet Resources

  • I have created a playlist of various Chemistry video by topic on YouTube that you might find helpful and fun.
  • Chemistry tutoring online
  • All the chemistry reviews for Glencoe’s Chemistry: Concepts and Applications (2000)
  • Creative Chemistry” has many games, puzzles, and activties for chemistry students.
  • Short videos from Khans Academy that explains various topics in Chemistry
  • To help review topics in chemistry, play the online “Who wants to be a millionaire?” science game from Jefferson labs
  • Try some of these “Chemistry Demonstrations” from About Chemistry. 
  • The World of Chemsitry” video series (free sign-up) using Windows Media Player
  • Molecular Workbench has many interactive models for chemistry. Click on “Showcase” and choose “Chemistry”:
  • United Streaming: On-line source for streaming videos in all subjects, including Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry: Use the following passcode: 99A9-3DE1. Once you’ve entered this passcode, you can create a username and password for all subsequent use.

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