Parent Handbook

Click on the following links to view and print out specific sections of the Valley Oaks Charter School Parent Handbook.


Common Core Grade Level Standards


Grade Level Grids and Grade Level Curriculum Information


K-5 My Math Online Resources


Thematic Curriculum Resources


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a web based program that is designed to encourage reading practice. The program is designed to be part of our existing reading program. Check out the links below to get started. 

Renaissance Place
AR Book Find
AR Tracker Form


Valley Oaks On-site Curriculum Resources

  • Our school library is located in room B/C. Books can be checked out in our office anytime during school hours.
  • Our computer lab is available for student use during school hours.
  • Extra materials available for check-out include Bill Nye videos, Delta Science Kits, Literature Unit Packets, Kids’s Discover Magazines, Keys to Math Series, Math Manipulative Kits, Science Kits, and Kids Discover Magazines.
  • Novel Packets are available from your resource teacher – Literature Unit List
  • M.E.S.H (Math, English, Science, History)
    We now have curriculum packets in the annex. Contact your resource teacher to request a packet.


Personal Development


Valley Oaks Video Subscriptions

Discovery Education
Enhance your lessons with over 50,000 video clips. Enter the school passcode 99A9-3DE1, then enter the required fields.

  • Discovery Education is a digital video-based learning resource from Discovery Education. With Discovery Education educators gain on-demand access to 50,000 content-specific segments from 5,000 full-length educational videos.Your Discovery Education subscriptions provides:
    • The largest and most current K-12 digital video/video segment library available today.
    • The only standards-based video-on-demand application shown to increase student achievement.
    • Practical and easy-to-use learning resources for students and educators.
    • Access to the highest quality producers–including Discovery School, United Learning, Scholastic, Standards Deviants, and Weston Woods.
    • State-of-the-Art Professional Development sessions for online and onsite support.


  • California Streaming

Ignite learning and give students solid connections to core concepts with the next generation in media-on-demand! Our state-of-the-art digital media solution allows you to easily integrate standards-based multimedia into your school and curriculum. As a subscriber, you’ll have access to ALL media types: more than 3,200 videos, 21,000+ core concept clips, 6,000 curriculum-oriented audio files, 5,000 print resources, and an unsurpassed collection of 25,000 photographs, illustrations, and clip art images, as well as a databank of 15,000 quiz questions and 1,000 pre-made quizzes! In addition, podcasts created by and for educators and students connect you to dynamic educational media. features current content from top educational producers and uniquely smart, customized functions, making it the most superior digital delivery solution available.

  • 3,200 full-length, up-to-date, curriculum-based videos (and growing!)
  • 21,000+ core concept video clips
  • 6,000 curriculum-oriented audio files
  • 25,000 high-resolution photographs, illustrations, and clip art images produced for the classroom
  • 5,000 print resources, including teacher’s guides and worksheets
  • 4,000 online resources related to specific titles
  • 15,500 quiz questions and 1,100 pre-made quizzes
  • Podcasts created by and for teachers and students
  • Programs correlated to state and national standards
  • Current content for all K-12 subject areas: social studies, science, language arts, literature, math, guidance, health, professional development, and more—plus the largest collection of music, art, and children’s literature titles in the industry

Log in Instructions: On the left –hand side of the screen, enter your username (the first and last name of your resource teacher lowercase with no space) and password which is valleyoaks (lower case, no space). Note: both the username and the password are lower case sensitive


Google Apps for Education

We are a Google Apps for Education school. All VOCS students grades 3rd-8th have Valley Oaks Tehachapi Google accounts.

Google Drive
Go to
Password: First letter of student’s first and last name followed by student ID number

If you do not have your student’s school ID number, please contact your resource teacher.



All students grades 3rd-8th have Valley Oaks Tehachapi accounts.
1. Get started by first clicking here:
2. Click “Student Login” in the upper right-hand corner
3. Under “Already have an account” enter student username and password.

All lowercase:
Username: first letter of the first name, last name, vocs
Password: first letter of the first name, first letter of the last name, student number


4. If you do not have your student’s school ID number, please contact your resource teacher.
5. After logging in, get started by clicking on the first lesson. The website will keep track of your student’s progress.

Keyboarding Goals by Grade Level:
3rd Grade – 15 words per minute with 95% accuracy
4th Grade – 20 words per minute with 95% accuracy
5th Grade – 25 words per minute with 95% accuracy
6th Grade – 30 words per minute with 95% accuracy
7th Grade – 30words per minute with 95% accuracy
8th Grade – 35 words per minute with 95% accuracy


Grade Level Project

Kindergarten – “What I want to be “OR” All about me” project
First – Learn about a career by research, interview, and visit (one page and drawing/collage) OR learn the name of your city, facts about it, and/or make a map.
Second – Famous American Person project and his/her influence on history OR research Personal Ancestral/Family History. (one to five pages with pictures/drawings – packet available)
Third – Kern County Report – focus on historical leaders, resources, climate, and Native Americans. (three pages)
Fourth – California Missions Project – Research a mission, write a report, and create an art project.
Fifth – State Report – (“How to” Packet available) and “States and Capitals” Test.
Sixth – Ancient Civilization History Report or Country Report – include pictures and drawings. (three to five pages)
Seventh – Renaissance/Medieval History Report (research a person, event, or artwork from the time period OR do a Life Science Report choosing a topic from the text. (three to five pages)
Eighth – Pass the Constitutionten-weeken week preparation class is offered)


Writing Prompts – All Grade Levels


History Timelines

Timelines help the student make visual connections between events and serves as an at-a-glance reference tool. Record information such as birth and death dates of famous men and women, advances made in science, beginnings and ending of civilizations, discoveries, literature, religions, and wars.

Click on the period of your history study for step-by-step instructions:
California History
Early US History
Ancient Civilizations
Middle Ages
US History