Valley Oaks Charter School (VOCS) is a public charter school that has a governing board. The specific, primary purpose of the VOCS Governing Board shall be to support and advise the charter school in its efforts to provide instruction to pupils and to assist families who work with the students on a day-by-day basis. The VOCS Governing Board shall:

  • Offer advice to VOCS on program goals and objectives
  • Provide guidance and assistance on program implementation
  • Assist in promoting public relations efforts within the community
  • Support VOCS projects and activities.

VOCS Current Board Members

Desiree Von Flue, Charter Board Chair

Deanna Downs, Director

Tom Karnes, Principal – K-12 Tehachapi

Gerrie Kincaid, PBVSD Assistant Superintendent

Becky Bartz, K-8 Teacher – Bakersfield

Samantha Bryant, K-8 Teacher – Tehachapi

Sue Page, High School Teacher – Tehachapi

Leslie Harvath, VOPAC Bakersfield Parent

Penny Wood, VOPAC Tehachapi Parent

Krissy Warren, VOPAC Bakersfield Parent

Debra See, Community Representative

Shawnda Banks, Alternate Parent Board Member