Fall Wednesday Classes

Our Wednesday Classes information, sign up, dates, schedule and class descriptions are here! Please view the description sheet for detailed information on each class offered on Wednesday.

Drop off and Pick Up Information 

During Fall Wednesday Classes, both parking lots can get crazy.  Please see below for drop-off and pick-up procedures. Friendly reminder – please do not park in front of our neighbor on the corner.  If you have any questions, please contact your resource teacher.

Main Building Parking Lot

When possible, please drop off at the yellow curb and have your student walk to class. If parking is needed, please park on the street and walk your student to class. For picking up students, please park on the street and walk to pick-up your student. Students will not be allowed to walk through the backfield. Parking spaces will be available in the lot until it becomes full. Once the parking lot is full, we will close the parking lot. Please do not make a U-turn directly in front of the school driveway after picking up your student. For safety purposes, continue driving south on South Street and make the U-turn past the annex.

Annex Parking Lot 

Please remember to enter the parking lot at the driveway just past Napa. Then circle around to either drop-off or pick-up your student.  Once they have been dropped off or picked up, please exit the driveway next to our fence.  There will not be any parking spaces available, except for in the dirt lot behind the Annex.

All Drama students 2nd-6th and 7th-HS will meet in Classroom BC at 1:15 for their drama class

2nd-6th graders will stay in BC, while Mrs. Uhtof takes the 7th-HS students up to the annex for their practice. 7th-HS students will be walked back down by 2:30 to be picked up by parents or attend their next club/class.

Wednesday teachers will be creating rosters of students in each class

Next Wednesday, Sept. 20th, each student will be given a lanyard with a schedule in it to wear at Wednesday and Friday classes. Again, in the interest of SAFETY FIRST, we are asking all students to wear their lanyards with schedules to classes each Wednesday and Friday. We appreciate you encouraging and helping your student to remember this important safety feature.

TK Parents – Changes for Wednesday Enrichment

We have decided to invite parents to meet with us only one Wednesday in each reporting period, rather than every week. TK students will still be able to enjoy enrichment on Wednesdays between Art and Lunch Club every week, but parents will only need to stay on the following dates:
October 11th
November 1st
December 6th
January 24th
February 28th
March 21st
April 11th
Wednesday classes for TK students are as follows: 
Art class begins at 9:15am. At the end of this class, Mrs. Bryant will pick up the students and walk them to the annex for TK enrichment using the back path. Parents will need to pick up there TK students from the annex and attend Lunch Club with them. Lunch Club concludes the enrichment day for our TK students.
If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Bryant – bryant@valleyoakstehachapi.org