I have heard many parents say, “My child has trouble remembering what they have read in their social studies/science textbook!”  I’ve also heard, “My child will read the textbook, but then fails the test every time!”

Students need to interact with their reading material in order to make connections that will make it easier for them to remember the information.  Here are some helpful strategies that may help your child!

BEFORE they read the section…
*Read the review questions at the end of the section
Why?  so you know what the main ideas will be
*Read the bold titles and vocabulary words
Why? so you have a broad idea of the most important material

AS they read…
*Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram
*Write vocab. words with definitions (create a flip chart)
*Draw a vocab. word (Write word and definition)
*Outlines4th - 5th Literature Circle  October 21st 003
*Write 2-3 concepts for each section in the lesson
*Cornell Notes (Double column notes)
*Write a letter to a key person
*Write a creative story using facts/vocab words from the section
*Draw a scene and label important information
*Mapping/brainstorming with bubbles (Each section would be a bubble)

AFTER they have read…
*Complete Section Review questions. (Use the question in the answer)
*Look up videos (CA Streaming, United Streaming, youtube, Bill Nye…)
*Research about a topic you read about …..and write a short essay.
*Study for the quiz by rereading all the work (vocab, notes…)
*Take the section quizzes

HOW to study for the test…
(After all the sections are done…)
*Reread all the section review questions
*Reread all the work you’ve done (1-2 activities per section)
*Reread quizzes

Here are some helpful activities to do while reading literature stories…
*Write a new ending
*Write an epilogue
*Write a prequel
*Write a diary entry from different character perspectives
*Cook a meal that goes with the story…YUM!
*Write a summary

You will be amazed how well students remember information, after they have interacted with it by creating and applying what they have learned!  Have fun with reading!

Post by Jamie Uhtof – Resource Teacher, Valley Oaks Charter School Tehachapi